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A Boundless Place



Twenty-four-year-old Violet wants one thing: to hide from life after her husband's death left her reeling. But life has other ideas. Well, life and a certain seven-year-old neighbor.

Violet moves to Magnolia Avenue, a forgotten street in a forgotten neighborhood filled with forgotten mobile homes. It looks like the perfect place to retreat and lick her wounds. But it's not long before her young neighbor, Arabella, enlists her in the rescue of the cantankerous old woman next door who has fallen ill. But if Violet thinks this is a one-off event, she's wrong. Next thing she knows, she is entangled in the lives of several neighbors from grumpy Mr. Pritchard to the handsome GI across the street. Set against the backdrop of the 1969 moon landing when astronauts broke the boundaries of Earth, A Boundless Place shows what happens when people are able to break through their own boundaries and reach out to others.

Praise for A Boundless Place

Stockwell's writing is heartfelt and touching, but her characters' antics also had me laughing out loud. In the end, this late '60s and early '70s slice-of-life story is all about our need for human connection. The characters will stay with me for a long time.

VIRGINIA MCCULLOUGH, author of Island Healing

A heartwarming, delightful debut. You can’t help loving Pamela Stockwell’s grumpy, quirky characters, and you’ll wish you were their neighbor on Magnolia Avenue too. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get misty eyed. Brava, Ms. Stockwell!

LINDA ROSEN, author of Sisters of the Vine

What a heartwarming, feel-good story. There's still heartache, grief, and regret woven throughout. But, in the end, it's about how friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers band together to create a much-needed support system to help the main character, Violet, weather her emotional storm. Wonderful characters throughout and you can almost feel the heat and humidity of the south in the descriptions. An enjoyable read indeed.

DENSIE WEBB, author of When Robins Appear

A Boundless Place is a delightful, easy, read that is sweet as sunshine. This novel left me feeling warm inside and wanting more from the author.

LAINEY CAMERON, author of The Exit Strategy and host of the Best of Women's Fiction podcast

I enjoyed reading A Boundless Place, so much so that I finished it in three sittings. I’m attracted to stories where the author’s deep feelings for her characters come through; it helps to draw me in, and that was true in this case...  Thanks for the enjoyable read!

MARK BRZOSTOWSKI, Princeton Writer's Group

A great feel-good story of love and friendships that form between quirky, damaged, yet lovable characters that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with. Stockwell’s poetic voice transported me to the Carolinas with such ease. I laughed and cried with Violet, Arabella, Nick, and all as they stay with me long after I have kept the book down.

PRIYA GILL, author and engineering management professor

This such an uplifting book and I almost needed to read it just at that particular time. It renewed my faith in possibilities with people.

MICKI BERTHELOT MORENCY, author of The Island Sisters

What an enjoyable read! Fast-paced and optimistic. I had a great time with the characters living on Magnolia Street, Edenton, South Carolina. The author's ability to draw characters who are quirky, endearing, and realistic drew me right in, as did her sense of humor.

GABI COATSWORTH, author of Love's Journey Home and A Beginner's Guide to Starting Over

I so enjoyed reading this story. Lots of quirky characters brought together by a little girl who only saw potential for acceptance and community. The characters were developed well, the story was full of hope, and there was also romance for the icing on top. Lovely, heart warming story.

MARINA DELVECCHIO, author of The Virgin Chronicles

Hope Anthology


Publication Date: January 22, 2021

Publisher: TL;DR Press

41 forward-looking, positive short stories and poems spanning all genres. All proceeds to benefit Action Against Hunger. Features poem "Morning on the Farm" by Pamela Stockwell.

Real Women Write


Publication Date: November 21, 2022

Publisher: Story Circle Network


Seeing Through Their Eyes is Volume 21 in the annual Real Women Write anthology series from Story Circle Network, a nonprofit organization that supports women writers and celebrates the importance of women’s stories. As we consider how to make a difference, so that we don’t grow numb and we continue to take care of each other and the planet, developing the quality of empathy is vital. It naturally became the theme of this volume, and the idea inspired a wide range of stories and poems in our member-contributors. In these 75 works of prose and poetry by 49 writers, you will surely find responses that speak to you. Featuring poem "Veterans Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial" by Pamela Stockwell.

A Million Ways
Untitled design (18).png


Publication Date: April 7, 2023

Mothers are as varied and unique as fingerprints. The 12 stories in this new collection of women's fiction run the scale of human emotions from the triumph of a contemporary mother carving her own path to the heartbreak of a Depression-era woman's sacrifices. They may enrage you, or make you weep and laugh – or miss your mom – but you may also find a mirror for your own experiences. 

We welcome you to take a journey through the many dimensions of motherhood in this vibrant tapestry of stories.

Featuring "If I Tell You My Name" by Pamela Stockwell.

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