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The Tender Silver Stars

"A resonant story of friendship, courage, and female empowerment."

–BookLife by Publishers Weekly

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2024 Winner – Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards | Friendship

2024 Finalist: Women's Fiction – American Fiction Awards

In 1972, change is sweeping the world, but isn't coming fast enough to South Carolina.

Not for Triss, anyway. She has always wanted to become an attorney, but her influential grandfather who raised her won't hear of it. She attempts to go it on her own––until she commits an impetuous act that threatens to derail her life.

Everlove, the daughter of a working-class family, is not looking for change but it finds her anyway. She has always followed the rules––until one day, she doesn't and blows up the life she has always known.

The women meet, become friends, and help each other find new paths forward. They might have given up if the indomitable Mrs. McCabe didn't step in to offer her eighty-plus years of experience––whether they want it or not.

Can the two women build new lives from the ones they shattered?

Readers of Claire Pooley and Fredrik Backman will enjoy this uplifting tale of unlikely friendships and the quest for fulfillment.


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Praise for The Tender Silver Stars

The Tender Silver Stars is a heartwarming narrative that follows Triss and Everlove, who find themselves at a crossroads in life, each grappling with their own challenges and uncertainties...


Through engaging storytelling and well-developed characters, author Pamela Stockwell explores themes of resilience, second chances, and the enduring power of friendship in a breathtaking way. The plot moves at a steady pace and the personality, emotion and tone in which author Pamela Stockwell writes makes the story leap off the page. In addition, the use of descriptive imagery makes you feel as though you are living and breathing each moment with the characters. The book also incorporates complex issues in a seamless manner—the struggle between following tradition and forging your own path, standing up to authority figures, and trying to find one’s place in the world—help make the story more relatable so it can be appreciated by readers from all different ages and backgrounds.

The Tender Silver Stars is a captivating tale that will take you on an emotional journey where the echoes of the past meet the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Book Excellence

Stockwell (author of A Boundless Place) writes enthusiastically, crafting relatable characters and plausible situations that retain interest until the very last page... a thought-provoking exploration of strong females and the relationships they form while negotiating their own empowerment... A resonant story of friendship, courage, and female empowerment.

Comparable Titles: Suzanne Feldman’s Absalom’s Daughters, Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You.

BookLife Review, Editor’s Pick

This book gets 5 out of 5 stars from me for its entertaining narrative. I couldn't find any solid reason to deprive it of any stars, as I had nothing to dislike about the book. On this note, I recommend it to fans of historical fiction who enjoy books with themes of the 1970s. If you like books about crime and investigation or books that share a perspective on discrimination, then this book is also for you. 

Schyk Marcus,

A memorable, character-driven read that takes you back to the early 1970s to solve an old mystery and bring lives together. Highly recommend for those who enjoyed books like Mrs. Dreamsville and the Collier County Literary Society. I look forward to reading more from this author!



Triss is impulsive and good-hearted. Everlove is prudent and brave. Pamela Stockwell gives the reader two characters very different from each other in so many ways, yet they share similarities in their search for self-identity and independence from the patriarchy, the social norms, and the racial inequality that shape the lives of these characters in the seventies. The book shows us what we can do when we see each other as equal and human. An empowering tale of what women are capable of when they're giving the opportunity to play on a leveled field. That it's never too late to make dreams happen.

MICKI BERTHELOT MORENCY, author of The Island Sisters

Stockwell welcomes readers back to Magnolia Avenue, where the beloved cast from A Boundless Place welcome new residents Triss and Everlove, two women determined to navigate the road less travelled. An uplifting story of community, friendship, and courage, The Tender Silver Stars is a shining example of how to be the change you wish to see in the world.

RACHEL STONE, author of The Blue Iris

Readers who relish whimsical capers about clumsy rule breakers who impulsively get into trouble will delight in reading how Triss Littlefield wreaks havoc with good intentions.

MARTA LANE, founder of Trust Your Words

In Pamela Stockwell’s The Tender Silver Stars, Robinhood’s merry band isn’t your typical crew—it’s a delightful mix of a would-be lawyer turned thief, a runaway bride, and a meddling senior with a penchant for adventure. Triss is an endearing protagonist who robs from the rich with the intention of helping the  poor—but how? Everlove escapes one life and needs to build another, but where does she begin? When Mrs. McCabe meddles her way into their lives, the three slowly, beautifully, create a new version of family. This is a heartwarming novel where mystery, the search for justice, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship take center stage. An unputdownable read. 

CARLA DAMRON, award-winning author of Justice Be Done, The Orchid Tattoo, and The Stone Necklace

From page one, Pamela Stockwell had me hooked. The writing is brilliant, but more than that, the characters are beautifully crafted and developed. Set in the early 70s in the South, three unlikely but courageous women from different backgrounds get together to take down a criminal and develop a friendship that frees them to find their place and strength in each other and in themselves. Great book club read!

MARINA DELVECCHIO, author of Unsexed: Memoirs of a Prostitute’s Wife and Dear Jane

Set in the South in 1972, The Tender Silver Stars delivers a delightful cast of characters and two gutsy heroines in a charming novel that will captivate readers and have them cheering. This is a story of friendship, bravery, community, found family, and becoming one’s best self—all with a hint of mystery. This book is sure to touch reader’s hearts!

SHARON KURTZMAN, historical fiction author

Stockwell treats each topic which care, creating a sensitive, warm-hearted novel, with just the right touch of mystery, that left me wanting to return to the charm of Magnolia Avenue again and again.

LAINEY CAMERON, award-winning author of The Exit Strategy and host of the Best of Women's Fiction podcast

I loved revisiting the era and setting of a simpler time filled with heart-warming characters you’ll cheer for living in a neighborhood that reflects the importance of people and kindness over status and wealth.

JILL ANDERSON, award-winning author of Closer to Home and Crazy Little Town Called Love

Pamela Stockwell has done it again! With nostalgic language and descriptive prose, The Tender Silver Stars  draws us back to the 1970s in the South. Skillfully created characters will weave their way into readers’ hearts, and anyone who has read Pamela Stockton’s debut novel (A Boundless Place) will be happy to meet up with the indomitable Mrs. McCabe once again. This novel has vibes of a grown-up Nancy Drew mystery, in all the best ways, while subtly exploring the line between right and wrong. I cheered for Triss and Everlove as they tackled race, economic, and gender inequalities. I will be thinking about them for a long time to come.

SUSAN FOSTER, women's fiction author

A charming and heart-warming story set in South Carolina featuring a group of relatable characters—young, old, black, white—who’ll renew your faith in the goodness of people and the importance of friendship, community, and kindness. Each of the main characters has her own challenges but with encouragement, support, and love from others, they find the courage to overcome their mistakes and redirect their lives. If you love Southern charm and relish stores centered around women supporting and uplifting others, this feel-good book is for you. A lovely and endearing read.

MAGGIE SMITH, author of the award-winning Truth and Other Lies

I read The Tender Silver Stars happy to return to the South Carolina setting of Stockwell's first novel, A Boundless Place, with its quirky set of largely well-meaning characters, especially the indomitable and humorous Mrs. McCabe. This new novel focuses on the serendipitous friendship between two young women, one white and one Black. Both Everlove and Triss are  facing challenges, from their families and the conventions of 1972, involving independent decision making and life choices. Their world seems very distant in certain ways, yet not so much in others. For example, it wasn't until 1974 that women were able to apply for credit cards independent of a husband or male family member and there are plenty of reminders in The Tender Silver Stars of the obstacles facing women in education and employment at that time––it's a welcome reminder of how far we've come. On the other hand, there are certainly still many places in the United States where interracial friendships are considered curious or even offensive, and where interracial socialization is discouraged. The villains in the book are real, both people and prejudice. Yet despite some pushback, Triss and Everlove manage to face their challenges––some of their own making––with support from one another. A tender read, for sure.

ELISE SCHILLER, author of Even If Your Heart Would Listen and Watermark

The Tender Silver Stars is a delightful story of unlikely friendship, women sticking together to raise each other up, a bad decision based on good intentions, power, and greed, that all come together thanks to a wonderful cast of characters. Set in the deep south in the 70s, the dialogue is spot on (I’m Louisiana born and bred myself) as is the portrayal of women’s struggles to be recognized for their abilities, and racial tension and distrust of the time. Highly recommend.

DENSIE WEBB, award-winning author of When Robins Appear

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