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 Book Club Questions for A Boundless Place

  1. Do you think Violet makes the right decision to move Magnolia Avenue? Should she have stayed in her hometown to face her past and her grief? 

  2. At what point does Violet realize she has something to learn from her neighbors? 

  3. Why do you think Arabella is so effective at opening doors for Violet? 

  4. Mrs. McCabe sometimes “helps'' her neighbors. Would you say she is pushy or helpful? 

  5. The moon landing was a significant event for the residents of Magnolia Avenue. How did this event mirror what was going on in the characters’ lives?

  6. How does the motif of fire play a role in the novel?

  7. How does the setting affect the feel of the novel? What stands out to you as most evocative?

  8. Are there lingering questions about the book or characters’ lives that you’re still thinking about? 

  9. What character did you empathize with the most? Which would you want to spend time with?

  10. Did you dislike any of the characters when they were first introduced? Did you change your opinion by the end of the book?

Request Pamela for Your Book Club

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Pamela is now accepting requests for book club appearances. Invite Pamela to come speak about A Boundless Place or answer burning questions from readers! Available for in-person local book clubs and virtual book clubs over Zoom.

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